Introducing the WAVe.

The smart, programmable control system for central heating and hot water that allows you to change settings via the internet.

The new WAVe thermostat from Worcester allows you total control and flexibility over your heating and hot water and can help reduce your energy bills.

It looks good and it’s simple to operate, at home through its in-built touch screen or via the downloadable app on a compatible Apple® or Android™ device.

How does it work?

Worcester Wave App Insitu use on TrainThe WAVe enables your thermostat and boiler to talk to each other. A weather compensation function uses local online weather data to automatically adjust your heating to the most economical situation.

The WAVe precisely controls boiler operation in line with your room temperature settings. This makes sure your boiler operates at the lowest possible temperature whilst delivering the comfort levels you require.

The WAVe plugs into your broadband router so you can change the temperature setting through the App on your smartphone or tablet via the internet when you’re not at home.


Why choose WAVe?

Flexibility: Adjust your home temperature and hot water whether you’re at home, on holiday or stuck in traffic.

Control: The WAVe app provides a chart of your heating and hot water usage so you can easily identify potential savings.

Cost savings: Improving the system efficiency through smart controls can help reduce your energy bills.

To book a WAVe installation, call South West Plumbing Services on 01803 615000 or email us at

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