Power Flushing

Power Flushing is a process where heating systems are forcibly cleansed with the aid of chemicals and a powerful self-contained flushing unit.


The process removes accumulated corrosion deposits and sludge in the system which can affect the performance and efficiency of your boiler.

There is no need for us to remove any radiators – the flushing machine is simply connected to a suitable point in your system and circulates a cleaning chemical mixed with water at a high velocity – but at a low pressure to ensure there is no physical damage caused to the system. The chemical helps dissolve sludge into a solution which is then flushed out of the system with fresh water.


South West Plumbing uses Kamco Clearflow flushing machines. As a further measure we also use a powerful magnetic filter connected in line with the power flushing pump to remove circulating black iron oxide contamination from the flushing water quickly and simply.

Power flushing can be carried out on most types of heating systems to prolong the life of your boiler and system. Power flushing will also improve system efficiency and could save you up to 6% on your heating bill*
*Independent research carried out by GASTEC at CRE


Why not give us a call on 01803 615000 or email us at info@swpsl.co.uk to arrange for us to carry out a simple check to see if your heating system would benefit from a power flush.


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